Getting involved as a volunteer:

Lisette Bayle

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Ryan Saucier

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Volunteer to Speak During Club Meeting

If you have an interesting career, hobby, or challenge that you have overcome and would be willing to give a 15 minute presentation, please apply.

Behind the Scenes Volunteer

  • Prayer Warrior - we consider your prayers vital to the success of the Tricord Club. To receive a monthly email about program activity and specific prayer requests, please apply for the Prayer Warrior position.

  • Back Up Support Krewe - gather and  prepare supplies to use at club meetings for both the activity centers, Bible studies, speaker presentations, make costumes and props for role plays, portable ramp for field trips, etc. 

  • Media Arts - develop audio-visuals, posters, display, slides, videos, photography, sound bites, music, for use in meetings, posting to facebook/instagram. Also pre-cut some items for the children to use in crafts, lessons, service work, etc.

Core Clubroom Volunteer

Eight Core Clubroom Volunteers have been trained to assist the director with the children in the club meetings. 

The volunteers were screened by passing the required background checks.  Volunteers received training in the organization Policies and Procedures to ensure a clear cohesive vision for the club.  If you are interested in volunteering the next training session will be on May 16 from 1:00-4:00pm.

1st Core Clubroom Volunteer Training Session

volunteer training 2.jpg

2nd Core Clubroom Volunteer Training Session

Meet Our Volunteers

Director and Core Clubroom Volunteer


Sherry Richmond-Frank

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Core Clubroom Volunteers

Ronel Treuting

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Laura Hoffpauir

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Kelly Candies

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Don Frank

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Prayer Warrior Coordinators

Jesse Frank

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Scottie Richmond

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Nicole Hymel

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