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Expectations of Club Members and Family

We have so many things that we hope to accomplish this year and it will take time and each child's involvement for us to successfully contribute to their lives.  Your active commitment to bring your child to each meeting will allow the Tricord Club to invest meaningfully in his or her life.

4 member fam.jpg

The Tricord Club will have 2 hour meetings twice monthly to provide club members the opportunity to develop ongoing friendships with one another and the core club room volunteers.  Individual club members, and the group as a community, will benefit from the  continuity of all members attending each 2 hour meeting.  This will give members:

  • multiple occasions to do something fun with friends their same age each year

  • a chance to develop the habit of belonging to a community of peers

  • exposure to topics that may ignite new interests or foster comfortable
    communication with same age peers       


  • a friendly context to explore admirable Biblical principles and behaviors to form a positive sense of self and to build        relationships with God and others

This is the pilot program for the Tricord Club. We will be gathering information to determine how to best serve current and future club members and demonstrate the usefulness of the program to funding sources.  

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