Club members colored a drawing of Abraham and glued crumpled tissue paper on the handlout to represent stars. We did the meeting under a canopy of planets and stars.

At our April 24th meeting, we learned in Genesis that God promised to make Abraham's descendants as numerous as the stars in the sky. Believing this promise required Abraham to have faith in God since he was quite old before the child of the promise was born!

We watched the Gospel Project video about Abraham's faith.

Our speaker Jeff Best brought his telescope. He discussed photos of telescopes, nebulas, stars and other heavenly bodies with our club members. He told them how some were named.

The children had many questions and comments for the aerospace engineer and astronomer.

               Jeff and his
        grandaughter, and 

    assistant, Gracie did a
   gravity experiment using a
    ball, showing how forward 
     velocity causes the ball to 
       fall in an arc instead of
             straight down.

Today the service project was to use stars to decorate the frame of a kindness poster that the children could take home and hang in their rooms. We brainstormed ways they could show others kindness. We try to foster creativity and independent thinking in our members. We saw this happenening when one of our clever new members came up with the idea of attaching a sheet of extra stars to her poster that she could add to the actions as she completed them during the week. Other club members liked that idea and adopted their own version of the idea.