Our Bible study from Genesis 25:27-34 and 27:1-45 was on the stolen blessing. We learned that Jacob and his mother Rebekah made deceptive choices that harmed Isaac and Esau.


Rebekah and Jacob tricked Isaac into giving the blessing of Esau, the older brother, to Jacob. They used odors and textures that would imitate Esau's smell and hairy skin so that Isaac would think that he was giving the blessing to Esau, the older brother. We did an activity where club members matched textures. We used the Follow Your Nose game to identify scents.

The Charlie Goodtime puppet visited to help us understand how our personal choices affect others. While we read a story about Charlie and his friends, the children colored and constructed small puppets to act out portions of the story. We learned that if we make wise choices it may improve our lives and the lives of others. Likewise, our poor choices may cause problems for ourselves and others. Each child was given a sheet containing all of the puppets in the story and a copy of the story. The service project was to make a puppet for a friend and to share the story with their friend.

Club members enjoyed playing with the Jacob's ladder toy. They initiated conversations with one another noting various ways to manipulate the toy.

Our speaker, Al Moncada, a Private Investigator, with AMI Investigations, discussed his career with members.  He talked about collecting and documenting evidence for insurance fraud and background checks for hiring a person or dating someone. He brought equipment to show the children. His coworker talked about how a private investigator could have helped Isaac. They showed video surveillance of people and an alligator on the wrong side of a levy.

When the speakers asked how many participants wanted to be private investigators when they grew up, each child raised a hand. We issued club members top secret notebooks and pencils. The core club room voluneers chuckled when one child announced a plan to investigate parents that evening!