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Developing Interests


  • Club members will gain exposure to various subjects through speakers, activities, and field trips:

    • that can become interesting topics for conversations

    • may become hobbies, leisure activities, areas for skill development or careers

    • and could become comfortable networking entrances into existing extracurricular community groups

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Relaxing Play and Leisure

  • A portion of each meeting will be relaxed child and youth directed play or leisure in centers equipped with resources related to content from the speaker, activity, field trip or Bible Study in order to give club members:

    • time to think more deeply about and experiment with the topic

    • the opportunity to enjoy carefree fun leisure skills unrelated to rushed attempts to complete homework, tutoring, therapies, or doctor’s appointments

    • space to make decisions about how to spend free time

    • the chance to explore toys, books, peers, and friendships

    • the ability to participate in peer problem-solving and planning

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