The May 8, 2021 Tricord Club meeting was abuzz with excitement as the club members service project was to make gifts for Mother's Day!

They made a heart that folded out into a flower and contained a message for their moms.  They also made a sand art bottle.

The Tricord Club and our members enjoyed celebrating the Tricord Club moms and all the love that they pour into their children's lives. Each club member chose their own color scheme for the sand layers and ribbons to use in their sand art gift. They placed tissue paper in their hand decorated bags and asked the grandmothers, who picked them up from the meeting, to help them keep the gifts safe and secret until Mother's Day!  

In the Bible Study, from Genesis 22:1-19, we learned that God gave Abraham a very difficult test. Abraham trusted God and was willing to obey and give up his son when God asked him to. 

God, Abraham, and Isaac saw that Abraham loved God most of all, and Isaac was spared. His descendants were as numerous as the stars in the sky and the sand on the seashore.

Our speaker Carolyn Haar, a Speech Language Pathologist and Learning Specialist with Peer+Plus Tutoring, shared what she does in her career.


She also told our members about her daughter who has a disability that limits her arm motion, but has modifications to allow her to daughter drive and do computer programming. She also said that she helped my daughter, Jesse Frank, with study skills when Jesse was a girl in school. She said that learning good study skills helped Jesse graduate from college, get a nice job, and drive her own car.

She talked with participants about their favorite subjects in school and more challenging subjects. The girls didn't have any particular school challenges to discuss.


She was able to give club members study strategies to use when they begin studying times tables for multiplication. We also explored contractions. 

Carolyn told the children about a study of college students which discovered that when the collegians visualized the important details in their reading assignments they read they were better able to remember the important details of the reading.


Our club members practiced this study skill when our speaker read a story about the green giant, asking the girls to picture the description of the giant in their minds, and then draw him. They enjoyed the technique and using her colorful markers to remember the highlights in the narrative of the giant. Their smiles indicate that learning can be fun!