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COVID-19 Precautions

We are incredibly happy and privileged to have your child and your family be part of the Tricord Club.  We want to assure you that we continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation closely. The guidelines we follow mirror the ones developed by Parkway Presbyterian that were passed down to them through the Louisiana Department of Education. Wnen the preschool reopened it was thoroughly cleaned and sanitized by two professional cleaning companies in preparation for school to open. End of the day daily cleaning took place by specific Parkway staff to clean floors, bathrooms, carpets and frequently touched surfaces.

Since Parkway Presbyterian Church and Preschool graciously allows us to use their Snoopy classroom we will follow the guidelines of their director, Marlene Cooke.  The school and our club are based on understanding, patience, problem solving, intellectual and emotional growth, and Christian guidance. We want your children to enjoy their journey through childhood. Therefore, we are following all guidelines and practicing the preschool’s safety procedures in good faith. The guidelines are fluid, any new regulations passed by the state, CDC, EPA and upheld by the Session of Parkway Presbyterian Church will be updated and passed on to club member’s parents.

The information contained in this handout is a combination of CDC, State Licensing, Louisiana Believes Early Childhood Guidelines and Parkway Church requirements. We will keep you up to date on any changes as they become available. All state licensed preschools must follow the same licensing protocols for the state of Louisiana to maintain their license. This description includes information on screening the health of club members and core clubroom volunteers and speakers, addressing sick children, arrival and dismissal procedures, facility visitor procedures, communication, everyday clubroom precautions, and more. We understand you may have questions; however, this serves to answer as many as we can at this moment in time.

During our club meetings, (we will have a maximum of 10 club menbers, at this time), we will be taking extra precautions to avert COVID-19. We ask all families for your understanding and patience as we all move forward. The health, safety and care of your children and our volunteers is most important to us. We pray that all of us work cooperatively to make the 2021 club year a positive and safe experience for everyone. Our volunteers will be trained on the imposed guidelines, procedures, and COVID-19 symptoms, as well as preventive measures. We acknowledge your appreciation for taking these responsibilities seriously, to maintain the health and welfare of your children and their core clubroom volunteers.

Entering the Club        


We will have a carpool procedure for children arriving at the club. There is a semi-circular driveway on the Camphor Street side of the preschool where parents may drive up near the iron gate. To reduce the risk of COVID-19 only masked current core clubroom volunteers, speakers, school employees and enrolled club members can enter the building. Children are required to wear masks. At this time there will be no visitors allowed beyond the campus gate, former employees, parents, siblings, or family members are not allowed inside until further notice. We are following the guidelines passed on to us by the CDC. Presbytery, and Parkway Church and Preschool. Children may not bring hand sanitizer of any kind to the clubroom.

All adults and children entering Parkway Presbyterian Pre-School and Church, are required to wear masks.

For the children’s safety the temperatures of the core clubroom volunteers and speakers will be checked before they enter the iron gate. We will make a visual inspection of the volunteers and speakers for flushed cheeks, rapid or difficult breathing, fatigue, rash, cough, or grouchiness. Volunteers or speakers will not be admitted if they are exhibiting symptoms, have tested positive or live with family members with symptoms or have tested positive.

Volunteers will sanitize their hands and children’s hands a minimum of every two hours (and as needed). Before, after, and each hour of the club meeting the volunteers will disinfect high-touch surfaces, such as door handles, light switches, faucets, toys, and games that children play. Vinyl gloves will be used in cleaning and disinfecting, as well as when dealing with bladder or bowel accidents.

A volunteer wearing a clean mask will meet each child at the carpool line. The child’s temperature will be taken before they exit the car. Before the parent leaves the carpool line, the volunteer will make a visual inspection of the child for flushed cheeks, rapid or difficult breathing, fatigue, rash, and unusual fussiness. If the child has a temperature of 100.4°F or more or if child is exhibiting any symptoms (shortness of breath, sore throat, rash, or a cough) the child will need to go home and not come back to the club until fever free and symptom free for 24 hours without the aid of fever reducing medication. NOTE: Children will not be admitted if they are exhibiting symptoms, have tested positive or live with family members with symptoms or have tested positive.

Cleared children will need to exit the vehicle without the aid of the volunteer touching the child if possible. Some may not have this ability and will need the volunteer’s help. Your child will then stop at gate and have hand sanitizer applied to hands. The masked volunteer dispensing the sanitizer will make sure it dries before the child continues into building. The volunteer will be logging the child’s arrival times on the sign in sheet.


Upon leaving the club meeting the child will have the gate opened for them. Hopefully, the child can enter car without assistance, if not the volunteer will assist. Until further notice the volunteers will be signing out the child indicating the time of departure instead of the parent signing, as per current licensing regulations.

Late Arrivals, Early Dismissals and Late Pick Ups

Parent will call (I may not notice texts during the meeting)the club director to inform us that the child has arrived or needs to leave early.  Before the parent drives away the child’s temperature will be taken prior to entry as well as a visual inspection looking for the symptoms listed above. The child will then be turned over to the volunteer who will sign the child in noting time and walk child to the clubroom. Picking up early or late will require parent to inform the volunteer of the child’s name, and wait until the volunteer brings them out to parent at the iron gate. The volunteer will record the time the child is picked up. The parent will not be allowed to walk the child to clubroom or walk beyond the gate to pick up the child, as per current guidelines.


If Your Child Gets Sick during the Club Meeting

Children who start to experience symptoms of respiratory illness, including a fever of 100.4 or higher, a cough or runny nose, while at the club, will be isolated in a supervised area away from other children, until they can be picked up. The parent will be called to come to the carpool line at the school to pick up their child.  The classroom will be disinfected immediately. If the child is diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus, the guidelines of the CDC will be followed and communicated to all parents. If for any reason, the school is closed for a viral outbreak, we will make sure you know as quickly as we are informed.

Social Distancing

We will separate children into learning and play groups of 10 or fewer including the volunteers. While we will monitor the distance of children when playing, we do understand that they are children and social learning and interaction is developmentally appropriate. We want each child to feel loved, accepted and appreciated. We will not draw attention to “not touching same toys or entering into center activities” or “don’t get so close”. Instead, we will redirect and change methods of showing these loving qualities each child must develop. This also applies to our staff and how they interact with your child.


We ask that you faithfully check your email and the Tricord Club website for notices. If you have an emergency, call the club director, Sherry Richmond-Frank at 504-473-7871 let her know if your message is an emergency.

Healthy Environment

Toys and materials will be cleaned between uses. No stuffed animals will be in the clubroom or brought from home. Toys that are placed in the mouth or contaminated with body secretions or excretions will be set aside until they can be cleaned and sanitized by hand individually. 

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