Participants at our January 30th meeting included (bottom row left to right) Jeanne Pourciau, Chloe Duvcet, Lisette Bayle, (top row from left to right) Don Frank, Sherry Richmond-Frank, and Sandy Mannear. ( Far Right) Surprise guests.

We watched a Gospel Project video about the creation of the world, including the moon and the stars, animals, and plants.  The club members made mobiles. 

The service project today was pine cone bird feeders made with Crisco and bird seed that club members constructed while chatting with each other and the core clubroom volunteers. In the background we played a video of back yard birds singing. 

Prior to Traci's arrival we were talking with the children about animals and their tracks.

Before the meeting began we stamped puppy tracks onto tape leading to the courtyard. After Traci's talk we had the club members guess what kind of animal might make those tracks and followed the tracks to the courtyard. The clubmembers were delighted with what they found!

Our speaker, Traci Musso, brought pet care activity books for our participants. She led an infomative convesation with the children about responsible pet care, and said to keep your pet safe by not letting them run free, take them to the veterinarian for checkups, and avoid peanut butter with Xylitol.

Traci works with Animal Rescue New Orleans. She and Vicki Johnson-Cain arranged for Traci to bring the puppies that she was fostering to visit the Tricord Club. Fortunately Traci brought 4 puppies and several of us experienced severe "puppy love"!


These adorable 8 week old guys were ready for adoption the Monday after our January 30th meeting at If you're interested in one of these puppies, you can call to make an appointment to visit the shelter. The ones in the pictures here are Jasper, Angel, Marley, and Aspen. As you can see from these photos they are indeed cuddly.

I am not sure who enjoyed this part of our meeting most, the club members, the puppies, our presenter, our photographer friend, or the core club room volunteers.

After the puppies left we wrapped up the meeting with a bit of forest animal bingo.  We made some nice memories today, and the crowning touch after the meeting was when the girls invited each other to play while their grandmother's talked in the carpool line after the meeting ended.