Leslie Birke prepared a talk for the club members describing her desire to become a veterinarian, which began when she was about their age. She discussed the challenging steps toward achieving that

goal and later specializing as a research animal vet. She noted the importance of working hard and having mentors along the way.

In an attempt to empower club members, we talk with them about their interests and what they would like to experience during club meetings to make meetings more enjoyable and beneficial. We have had many queries about when more animals will visit.


Today the children got their wish for animals! Club members looked on with curiosity to see what domestic and wild animals would join us. We had a hedgehog, tarantula, baby opossums, and a rabbit. 

We also invite speakers that match club member's tentative career interests and we were fortunate to have a veterinarian visit on the birthday of a club member who is interested in being a vet as an adult.

Victoria Claire with Animal Rescue, & Ally Burguires with "Sesame the Opossum Rescue," generously donated goody bags for members to take home.

Not all of the visitors were cuddly. The hedgehog had an adorable face and was friendly until you rubbed him the wrong way. We gave the intimidating tarantula his space and observed him through glass!

Our Bible study from Genesis 32 and 33 centered around God changing Jacob's life and giving him the new name Israel. At our last meeting we learned that Jacob had run away from home after stealing his older brother Esau's blessing. In this lesson, we learned that God told Jacob it was time to go home despite his fear of his brother's potential reaction. He prayed for God's protection, trusted God, and began the journey home. On the way, he engaged in a celestial wrestling match. He also came up with plans to appease his brother. He was welcomed home by Esau who had forgiven him. He was finally home in the land that God had promised him.

One of the goals of the Tricord Club is to encourage acts of family and community service. Dr. Birke is an excellent role model for this since she volunteers with the animal shelter and is writing and illustrating a book and donating the proceeds of the book sales to support the shelter. The book is written to empower girls with Autism. She described the process of using story boards to plan and complete a book.

The club members' service project at this meeting was to use pipe cleaners to make springy toys for kittens and cats to enjoy. They also cut and decorated toilet paper rolls for these animals to chase and bat around to enrich their environments at home or in the shelter.

Another goal for the Tricord Club is that club members will play together, and their social circles within the club and community will grow. We are so pleased that the children are independently engaging in conversations between activities and before and after club meetings.