During our March 27, 2021 meeting, our Bible study was on the Tower of Babel from the book of Genesis.


Each club member made a Tower of Babel to take home.


Architect Michael Vega entered the club room dressed for work. He discussed his career and showed the children a hotel rennovation and other large buildings that he has worked on. He then described how a building goes from an idea to a completed project. He used progressive slides of a school building project to talk to the children about adding the classrooms, library, gym, bathrooms, and cafeteria. He discussed the construction of walls, ceilings, air conditioning, etc. Club members learned that there are many different types of workers and professions that collaborate to bring a construction project to completion. He culminated the talk with a visual fly around of the lovely finished school. He amused the club members with 2 photos of critters that were seen observing the building project, an alligator and falcon!

In the retelling of The Tower of Babel, we learned that the language of the people was confused so that they did not understand each other. The people were scattered over the face of the earth. We enjoyed watching a video of children from different nations, dressed in their traditional cultural clothing, take turns singing the same song in different languages.

Core Club room volunteer Laura Hoffpauir is friends with a man who ministers in Kenya.  She showed the children photos of his church and community. We compared our location on the globe to the location of his congregation. Our service project was to send drawings to children there over the internet.




Another person kindly donated money through Pay Pal to enable our nonprofit to provide interesting activities. The children signed a thank you note for the gifts.

The children made the drawings using colorful markers purchased by a generous friend of the club who sent them to us from our Tricord Club Registry-Amazon Custom Gift List at:



This person also gave us water colors, a book of Awesome Science Experiments for Kids, and a gift card which will benefit future meetings. If you would like contribute supplies for the children you may use this link.




We have very cool club members! There is room for more children if you know anyone between the ages of five and eight with a physical disability who would like to join this fun community.