At our February 13, 2021 meeting our Core Clubroom Volunteers Ronel Trueting and Laura Hoffpauir (from left to right) are standing behind the table that we prepared for our service project.


Laura helps club members create Valentine's Day cards for loved ones and friends with founder Sherry Richmond-Frank.

Laura shared today's Bible lesson from the book of Genesis. They discussed different types of rules and the tempation of Adam and Eve to disobey God's instructions in the Garden of Eden. Club members watched a brief video from the Gopspel Project.

Sherry and club members helped the squirrel puppet, named  "Charlie Goodtime," consider the  potential

consequences of wise choices and poor choices while they completed  a coloring  coloring sheet.

Deputy Turner Barren and Deputy Serbrina Howard visited the Tricord Club to talk with club members about how and when to use 911. They also chatted with the children about Mardi Gras parade safety. 

Deputy Turner shared the book, Barrington and the Police Academy, which he and his wife Jennifer wrote to explain the process of becoming an officer. Then each child was given an autographed copy of the book, a stuffed Barrington Bear, and a bag of goodies. Participants explored law enforcement careers and the different roles and jurisdictions of local police, state police, employees of the sheriff's office (including detectives), and members of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Club members shared their current career interests, and the deputies discussed how those careers could be a part of law enforcement. The children were encouraged to pursue their dreams. 

The meeting culminated with us visiting the official police truck of Barrington Bear. Club members said that their favorite part of today's meeting was talking with Deputy Barren and Deputy Howard.